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JG&A Signature Events

On behalf of the Jake Gordon and Associates (JG&A) management team and the IT Executive Club, I would like to introduce you to our JG&A Signature Events.

You are about to discover an innovative, unique, and comprehensive series of IT events designed to meet the evolving, and rapidly changing, market needs of your customers, and a powerful marketing platform to enhance the success of your organization in the Canadian marketplace.

The JG&A Signature Events Portfolio is a result of in-depth market analysis and research studies that were conducted with the assistance of many end-user organizations and leading industry players across Canada late in 2004. It provides you with a wide variety of events and the flexibility to participate only in those industry-focused, customer-centric events that are best-suited to your specific marketing goals and sales objectives.

By partnering with JG&A and the IT Executive Club, you will benefit from our strong company brand and extensive market reach, a seasoned event management team and flawless execution a rich heritage and successful 15-year history in the Canadian market.

Of course, if there is anything else you need to know about any of the JG&A Signature Events, please do not hesitate to contact us at your earliest convenience. Our dedicated Customer Relationship Management team is standing by to assist you and ensure that you have access to all the pertinent event information. They are eager to guide you on how to best leverage our events and integrate them into your go-to-market strategy, and how to get the most out of this year's JG&A event portfolio.

I look forward to the opportunity of partnering with your organization in the upcoming year.

Jacob (Jake) Gordon
President & CEO
Jake Gordon and Associates

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