WFP '04 Expo Pics
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Jake Gordon & Associates is pleased to provide you with an online photo gallery featuring a wide range of pictures from the Wi-FiPower 2004 Expo; pictures are organized by topic.

If you or your company are featured in these photos and you would like to obtain a high-resolution copy for print, please e-mail All pictures are the intellectual property of Jake Gordon & Associates; advanced permission to use these pictures is required; some conditions apply.

Expo Opening Ceremonies

Ribbon Cutting with Dr. Binder and Executive VP Industry Panel

Dr. Binder cuts the ribbon

Dr. Binder, Executive VP Industry Panel & Jacob Gordon pose for a photo op

The Exposition is Now Open!

Exhibitor Booths

hotSPOT Booth


Jacob Gordon in the hotSPOT Booth

Jacob Gordon in the TELUS Booth

TorWUG Booth

Redknee Booth

HP Booth

Sesame Networks Booth

Intel's Mobile Messengers

Jacob Gordon presents the Mobile Messenger Survey

Bansi Mehta (Conference Manager) takes the survey

Messengers poll the expo visitors

Jacob Gordon fills out the survey

General Views of the Exposition Floor

Expo Visitors' Interaction With Our Exhibitors

Expo Floor Wide-Angle Views

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