Who Should Attend?
Welcome, Visitor!

The Wi-FiPower event will benefit a wide range of conference delegates and expo visitors, whether they are enterprise or government users, industry players, or members of special interest groups:

A. Enterprise/Government Users

  • Corporate Management Executives (CEO, President, COO)
  • IT Directors and Officers
  • Marketing/Sales Executives
  • Business /Product Development Executives
  • Technical IS/IT Management Executives (CIO, VP of IS/Data/Telecom)
  • Broadband Data Network Executives
  • Wireless Applications Management Executives
  • Information Security Officers
  • Mobile Business Computer Users of Notebooks & Pocket Devices

B. Industry Players
  • Service Providers
  • Wireless Network Operators
  • Hotspot Operators
  • Carriers
  • Wire-Line Carriers
  • WISP/ Aggregators
  • Satellite Network Operators
  • Cable TV Operators
  • Mobile Data Providers
  • Wirless Hardware and Software Vendors
  • Wireless eBusiness Applications Vendors
  • Retail Owners / Private & Public Venue Operators
  • System Integrators
  • Consultants & Analysts

C. Special Interest Groups
  • Policy Legislators and Regulators
  • Venture Capitalists
  • Investors

Come to Wi-FiPower and discover how your organization can leverage powerful Wi-Fi and Wireless LANs business solutions to its benefit!

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